eCollect Battery Information

  • 5 Lithium-ion battery modules

Emergency Response Guide

Breakdown recovery

  • No need to access HV driveline components.
  • DO NOT remove covers on HV components.
  • Standard mechanical systems can be repaired as usual.
  • REMOVE the prop shaft or half shafts and recover as per normal diesel to a workshop environment.
  • DO NOT  Jump start to LV or HV

Vehicle Layout


  • Routing of HV cabling shown in orange.
  • All HV cables on vehicle are coloured orange.


  • 24V Isolator switch located on side of 24V battery pack on RHS of vehicle.
  • Isolator switch in vertical position will open all HV contactors.

Fig. 1

Please see Fig. 2 for more detailed information

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Fig. 2