Various considerations need to be made to build the right infrastructure for an electric RCV and to understand how the vehicle will handle in your terrain.

  • 40 to 50 kW charger per vehicle is needed
  • 415V 63 Amp rating 3 phase supply
  • Scheduled charging times
  • Health and Safety regulations for working with a HV system.
  • Supply correct PPE and HV specific equipment
  • Energy used will be dependent on variables including, range, terrain and payload
  • Estimated 8 to 10-hour operating time

Power Calculator

The power consumption depends on the use of the vehicle. These variables of use can include the type of terrain and the range of the designated route and the payload. Our Power Consumption Calculator allows you to estimate the total running time, however the above variables need to be considered.


  • Battery Size:  300kWh
  • Starting charge level:  90% - 270kW
  • Target finish charge level:  30% - 90kW

Power consumption in kW/hr with added variables:

  • Urban collection
  • 10t payload
  • Two rounds on a gradient of <12%.) – 18kW.


Estimated running time - 10hrs.