Islington brings the eCollect to the ‘people-friendly streets’ of London

1/26/2021 12:18:00 AM - Dennis Eagle
The electrification of Islington Council’s fleet took a major leap forward as the first Dennis Eagle eCollect in London went into service in mid-November.

The all-electric vehicle is one of two bought by Islington with the second delivered in December. They will operate from the council’s Waste and Recycling Centre on Cottage Road where a new sub-station with a high voltage connection has been set up with the capacity to recharge numerous vehicles at once. 

The council intends to electrify its entire fleet of vehicles so local people have cleaner air to breathe and to help create a net zero carbon Islington by 2030.

It is also creating “people-friendly streets” all over the borough including 29 “School Streets” and it has joined a London-wide campaign encouraging businesses to tackle the air pollution caused by idling engines – a problem the zero-emissions eCollect will never cause.   

The council’s Executive Member for Environment and Transport Councillor Rowena Champion said: “The arrival of our first eCollect vehicle is another step towards achieving our vision of a greener, healthier Islington where local people have cleaner air to breathe.   

“Air pollution remains a major health emergency across London and we know that we need to continue to improve air quality in our borough, especially for those who suffer from breathing difficulties.  

“The eCollect vehicles will help to achieve this, whilst also being cheaper to run compared with the less environmentally-friendly diesel alternative.” 

Dennis Eagle’s Sales and Marketing Director Richard Taylor said: “The eCollect fits in with Islington’s plans perfectly. With zero emissions and much quieter operation, it is ideal for operating on people-friendly streets – especially around schools – and wherever operators most want to reduce air pollution.

“With more electricity now being generated from renewables than fossil fuels in the UK, it is clear that electric vehicles will have by far the biggest impact on tackling climate change in the transport sector.

“And in addition to these unparalleled environmental credentials, our cabs were also identified by Transport for London as the safest on the road, making this vehicle even more people-friendly.”