Features & Benefits

The eCollect is based on our traditional Elite 6 chassis, ensuring familiarity for technicians and support staff
with the normal truck systems, but employing the latest generation of batteries, controls and design.

Key features

  • Proven Olympus body design with Terberg OmniDEL Automatic Lifter.
  • Low entry cab with driver + 3 seating and 5 Star Direct Vision
    Standard rating.
  • 6x2 narrow rear Steer chassis for superb manoeuvrability, with 19 cubic metre body volume.
  • 25m overall body width, ideal for urban operations.
  • 600-volt high voltage system, with standard 24V truck system.
  • 200kW brushless motor with single speed gearbox and 5.25:1 drive ratio.
  • Estimated 8 to 10-hour operating time*, collecting up to 20,000 Kg over two rounds (*dependent on variables, view our Power Consumption Calculator to learn more)

Key benefits

  • Zero emissions
  • Reduced noise
  • Perfect for Low & Ultra Low & Clean Air Zones
  • Electricity cheaper than diesel
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Reduced spare parts costs
  • Widely available CCS2 electric connection
  • Familiar to drivers and crews
  • Familiar to maintenance teams